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A Link-Belt® designed bucket elevator is your assurance of quality and dependability, and the standard Type 1 and Type 7 SMH bucket elevators have many outstanding features:

  • Standardization of designs that are dependable and versatile.

  • Continuous or centrifugal type discharge.

  • Rigid, strong, jig-built casings in perfect alignment and weather-tight.

  • Two-piece hood permitting access to head section interior without disturbing machinery. Spring clamps facilitate removal and replacement.

  • Inspection hatch that can be easily lifted to view terminal machinery.

  • Optional shaft mounted speed reducer drive- compact and easy to install.

  • Large, latch-type doors located on front, back and sides of boot section to facilitate inspection, service, and cleanout.

  • The head shaft is mounted in antifriction ball or roller bearing pillow blocks.

  • Superior components: chains, sprockets, pulleys, belts, buckets, bearings, takeups, and drives.

Typical bulk handling applications include:

  • Delivery of dry citrus pellets to railroad hopper cars.

  • Elevating soda ash, fertilizer, or limestone to silo storage.

  • Depositing food products into weigh hoppers.

  • Lifting coal from track hoppers to storage silos.

  • Elevate aggregate materials for ready-mix concrete plants.

Screw conveyors are one of the oldest and simplest methods for moving bulk materials and consist primarily of a conveyor screw rotating in a stationary trough. Material placed in the trough is moved along its length by rotation of the screw which is supported by hanger bearings. Inlets, outlets, gates, and other accessories control the material and its disposition.

Screw conveyors are compact, easily adapted to congested locations, and can be mounted horizontal, vertical, and in inclined configurations. Their supports are simple and easily installed.

These versatile conveyors can be used to control the flow of material in preprocessing operations which depend upon accurate batching, or as a mixer, agitator, or stirrer to mix and blend dry or fluid ingredients, provide crystallization or coagulant action, or maintain solutions in suspension.

Screw conveyors can be effectively sealed to prevent dust or fumes from escaping or dirt or moisture from entering. They can be jacketed to serve as a dryer or cooler or furnished in a wide variety of materials to resist corrosion, abrasion, or heat.

Screw conveyors are used as earth augers to dig post holes or to bore under highways for installation of culverts. They are also used extensively on combines, threshing machines, hay bailers, fodder blowers, and many other farm machines.

Screw feeders are modified screw conveyors used to control the flow of material at a constant or variable rate from track hoppers, storage hoppers, bins, or tanks. They are suitable for handling a wide variety of materials ranging from fines to a combination of fines and lumps. Under many conditions, feeders are also used as a valve.

Screw feeders are totally enclosed, compact, simple in design, and dust tight. They are economical to install, operate, and maintain.

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