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Field Services

Is your equipment making an unusual noise? Have you noticed changes in its normal operation? Is something just not quite right? When you run into an issue, have a M4TS technician inspect and assess your equipment to ensure you receive proper diagnosis and the best possible solution.

Field service technicians and engineers are available around the clock s to support all of your needs. From installation supervision, field inspections, mechanical repair, or process evaluation and tuning, our staff will help keep you running efficiently and smoothly.


Commissioning Assistance

M4TS will visit your site prior to machine start-up to verify the proper installation and operation of your equipment and provide a detailed report with necessary action items. This service also includes training sessions for plant employees (see the Training section for details).

Multi-visit options are available for customers who request to be on-site more than once (for example, one visit during installation to ensure proper machine placement, and then another closer to start-up to review machine operation and perform training with the end user).

A pre-operation inspection gives you confidence that your equipment will perform as expected and will not result in any machine or structural damage.

NOTE: M4TS does not offer machine installation services. This is a pre-operation inspection to be performed after machine installation

Predictive Maintenance Assessment

M4TS will perform an in-depth inspection of your equipment before your next planned shutdown, so you’ll be prepared to address any issues at that time.
A predictive maintenance assessment allows you time to prepare and order parts; this will help with resource allocation and reduce or eliminate downtime and profit loss from unexpected issues.

This assessment covers general equipment operation and performance, recommendations for major repairs or replacement, a review of the maintenance program, and a detailed report of the inspection.

NOTE: The predictive maintenance assessment requires a shutdown of the equipment for approximately one or more hours to thoroughly assess the equipment and complete the inspection.

Repair Supervision

M4TS will supervise the repair/replacement of components to ensure proper installation and avoid any additional issues or downtime.

NOTE: This is a supervisory service only. The customer will be required to provide all manpower and equipment necessary to perform the repair.


A properly maintained machine means less downtime and more production, so make sure your employees know how to keep your equipment running and performing as expected.

This offering includes classroom learning and hands-on sessions at the machine.
Topics include system components, preventive maintenance, parts replacement and basic troubleshooting.

M4TS provides sustainable productivity to the global mining and associated industries. We deliver market-leading engineering, equipment and service solutions that enable our customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce environmental impact.

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