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The pollution problem arose with the Industrial Revolution, in the middle of the 18th century with the appearance of the steam engine. Serious pollution problems began when emissions and discharges from industrial processes exceeded the capacity for self-purification of the receiving bodies (water, air and soil), generating humans and animal diseases due to the ecosystem alteration. 

Indeed, by the end of the 19th century, industrialized countries such as England, Germany, Canada, France, Holland and the United States of North America, among others, human beings, flora and fauna began to suffer the effects of environmental deterioration. It was then that the first environmental protection agencies emerged, whose main function was to issue laws, regulations and standards to control and / or mitigate environmental impact.

It is for this reason that M4TS presents its Green Initiative. with the main objective of pollutants compensation emitted by human activities that can range from complex industrial production processes to simply driving a car in the context of M4TS operations, projects and clients , with reforestation projects in areas that need to be recovered and / or financing to animal protection organizations.

We know that our actions have an impact on the environment, which is why we have implemented in conjunction with our HSE. the following measures:

1.- Recycling of surplus materials from each project, such as steel, cables, among others

2.- We favor the reuse of office items that may be useful for daily work.

3.- We carry out energy audits of our processes and facilities,

4.- We plan field visits, considering the optimization of resources such as the use of gas, water, among others.

5.- In each project we do a engineering revision to get all the variables that can contaminate excessively and we design elements that can prevent it (Ex. Dust Retainers and others).

6.- We look for suppliers that do not have a history of being polluting companies.

7.- We are constantly looking for new sustainable technologies to implement them in our projects.

8.- We constantly sensitize and offer environmental information and training to our collaborators.

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Policy

M4TS LLC is committed to thesafety of employees, contractors and the general public. We recognize that providing and integrating a sound environmental, health and safety program into our business is key to our success.


M4TS promotes sustainable productivity for the global mining and related industries. We offer top-notch engineering, equipment, and service solutions that empower our customers to enhance performance, lower costs, and minimize environmental impact.

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